Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to communicate in todays world. While publishing a podcast is easy, producing one can be a technical challenge. We are involved a few current podcasts and others that are in the works.


Imagine a Place

In the beginning we consulted with OFS on the equipment needed to produce a high quality podcast. The host would be traveling, so we also trained the appropriate people on how to use the equipment and capture high quality sound. From there, we receive the files and produce the final, edited product.

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Ministry Makers

This podcast is produced and hosted by Curtis CrowHe travels to the interview subjects and records a conversation about their early days of ministry. From there, he takes the conversation and forms a narrative around it resulting in a 40-60 minute "audio documentary" that intends to provide encouragement for struggling pastors.

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Our Take This Week

This particular idea was hatched by Josh Premuda. It is intended to provide commentary on local news. Josh Premuda, Matt Crane, and Curtis Crow are the current co-hosts. They have regular plans to invite guests and capture interesting interviews.

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